Want To Host A  
"Tots & Teens Seminar"?
Here is all the information - 

Requirements :

Private Courses
Is a flat rate depending on size and you advertise and collect the $. Nonprofits sometimes do this as a fundraiser. They collect funds and advertise on their own. We include on the homepage and refer attendees to the host.

For up to 20 participants :  $9500 (includes course + travel expenses)
$300 each additional participant  (Max 30 total participants)

The space needs to have chairs, space for mats and a table for my projector and props. Typically courses are Fri/Sat or Sat/ Sun for a total of 16 hours, but can do any combination days. We generally do one course a month and have several dates still open for next year. 

We get numerous requests throughout the year so it will be first come first served to schedule. The office sets up the contract and details after our instructors determine the dates they are available in any given month. 

Feel free to call/email me to answer any other questions.
you can reach me at (717) 309-1354 or email : tmrtots@gmail.com

All the best, Susan Blum PT, C/TMR
Creator and lead Instructor