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TMR Tots & Teens

is facilitated hands on version of TMR for ages birth to 99!

Beneficial for patients with limited mobility &/or body awareness.
Includes: geriatric, post-op acute care, & adults with developmental delays

Your Kiddos
Deserve This!

See how treating into the easier direction of motion creates miraculous results. You'll never stretch your kiddos again! The go to program for torticollis & cerebral palsy!

What is TMR Tots System?

Why TMR Tots?

Theory Behind TMR : Click Here To Download

With Just a Few Simple Instructions . . . Your Results will Explode!

Podcast - A Foundational Toolbox For Pediatric Physical Therapists
TMR Tots Caregiver Empowerment
TMR Tots Therapist Empowerment 

TMR TOTS Seminars vs TMR Seminars ?

Amazing Results in 45 Minutes with a Most Complex Torticollis Case!

Thanks to Dr. Kim Lephart, PT, DPT, MBA, PCS for sharing her exciting results the week after attending Tots 2 and learning the 3-D motions!

The child has a Level 5 case of torticollis –the most complex and difficult restriction pattern to treat. She was unable to side bend to pivot in prone!

What a difference in just 2 sessions. Plus the child not only maintained range, she improved between sessions! The power of TMR Tots & Teens!

Awesome Result with Young Man With Severe CP!

Immediately after TMR Tots & Teens expect to have your skills enhanced, and begin to make breakthroughs you would have never believed a child might achieve.

TMR Tots & Teens have gotten the most attention as a no tears way to treat torticollis and gait asymmetry. but was initially developed to treat syndromes and neurological issues such as hypotonia and CP.

This young man was seen for just ONE treatment session by a recent attendee after taking TMR Tots level 1! Note his improved symmetrical posture and comfort. Imagine the possibilities for your children.

Postural changes in child with Rett syndrome before and after TMR Tots and Teens session

Pre TMR Tots

Post TMR Tots

Click on image to watch video!

Child with Hypotonia - 16 Months Progress
Girl with CP -7 Months Progress
Boy with CP - course demo
Torticollis -First Visit
Torticollis -First Visit

TMR Screening Test (r)Identify postural imbalances with this quick assessment!
click here to download the picture sheet

TMR Tots Complements & Supports APTA Clinical Practice Guidelines For Treatment of Congenital Muscular Torticollis

Check Out What Clinicians Are Saying
About This Program .....

" This course is the heart of the PT body, pumping vital knowledge that is improving the lives of our kiddos. This course is a MUST for the future benefit of all children requiring any therapy " .
Letitia Borelli DPT

"I really like the info & I am ready & excited to use it! I learned way more treatment techniques than any other cont. ed. course I've ever taken. "
Melody Kentrus PT

"Yes!!!! I am so thankful for TMR. I would add that for me, also with 42 years of pediatric practice, NDT certification, some training in myofascial release, etc., TMR has changed my practice and my life. It has given me a systematic approach to fixing myself (old polio, right sided LE primary weakness, now with significant ortho issues resulting from a lifetime of asymmetry, and increasing weakness due to ageing). The importance of making an attempt to equalize myself at the start of each day and throughout the day, from a mobility standpoint (even though it is impossible from a muscular standpoint) is why I am still as functional as I am and only recently have had to significantly decrease my practice. One of the most major impacts I feel it has on children, especially babies, is the concept of preparation of the body. I have always done "getting ready work" with my kids to try to modify their sensory systems, and musculoskeletal systems prior to asking them to do tasks as it makes sense that we want to make modifications on as near a normal readiness state as we can. It is here that TMR Tots & Teens shines through the most for me. The concept that we are programmed as human beings to progress, reflexively and instinctively, through a developmental sequence to upright mobility is paramount. Our kids get stopped or stuck somewhere along the way due to a variety of reasons, being cramped in utero, spending too much time on their backs and in containers, not being held, carried and moved enough to help develop their sensory/vestibular systems, neurological insult, prematurity and extensive hospitalization. Once they are delayed and they grow, and their body proportions change, that movement can be more difficult for them as the lever arms are different than when newborn. TMR Tots & Teens provides a systematic way to identify and release the restrictions that block their movement...that makes some movement seem impossible to them because they can't overcome it on their own to progress along the preprogrammed path to upright and may give up......For so very many of our littles, all they need is to have that restriction released and to be shown that the movement they need is possible and they take it over and own it.......magic...... "
Karen Gartner PT, PCS NDT

"This is a must attend course. Every PT & OT needs this information so they can modify their treatment plans and techniques. You will wish you took this course years ago. Don't wait!" .          
Mark Michalski PT

"For TOTS-2 : I am so thankful to have some new ideas & understand better how to progress & challenge those with more subtle issues. Susan's great analogies/ visuals are easily explainable to families. "
Marie Raven PT

"Regarding TOTS-1 Homestudy Course - TMR provides additional tools for a therapist to use that creates easy and comfort for a child to improve their mobility. It allows for a more enjoyable treatment session and improved compliance with a HEP since everything is to the easy side !! No Tears, Just Smiles TMR is Great "
Sarah Morson PT

For me this has been the gift of developing the TMR Tots & Teens program. Here are some examples of where we can use a facilitated method to precisely identify and treat complex medical issues

· Sociosis 37 degree curve
Precise identification of apex of curves matched with associated hard side directions.
Utilizing motions to increase range Utilizing strengths in whole body to precisely shorten and build control on convex side. 
Curve reduced from 37 to 17 degrees – in ongoing therapy to continue progress – surgery for rods cancelled 

· Post open chest surgery 
protective splinting limiting chest mobility 

Improved ventilation & comfort 

· Child with Down syndrome  
delay standing/walking 

Improved COM and balance for gait

· Patient with reflux/ constipation  Limited upper twist/ extension -palpated restriction pulling on stomach and colon palpated and treated Symptoms resolved
· Hospice patient
uncomfortable with pelvis rolled to left 
Limited upper twist/ lower twist bias) position with pillows to move progressively into more ease 
More positioning options/ less chance of skin breakdown
· Post mastectomy surgery 
pain and impingement in shoulder on same side 

Identify fascial bias from acromion to opposite ASIS treated with motions and myofascial treatment into ease over pecs. 
Improved chest scar mobility and range in arm
· Soccer player inefficient posture forward head posture and right heel hip
Task analysis of gait asymmetries using FAB 8 palpating limitations 
Improved balance and posture for better sport 

· Brachial Plexus injury – Erbs palsy 
Used lower body to get full range in UE. 
Used cross transfer to get full motor control in hand

· Autism 
can’t do steps 
Delayed motor development, poor body awareness resulting in immature gait pattern with limited mobility causing restrictions 
Therapeutic play into ease with parent 
Step aerobic step on easy side to teach steps with ease and build on what he can do 

Independent alternating steps at 3rd visit. 

· Young Baseball player  
back pain with batting

Using FAB 8 palpated each motion to identify 2 ribs limiting range  Crafted precise motor control/ release pattern with switch-hitting at a specific height to eliminate pain and improve game. 

· Brain Hemorrhage 
can’t transfer to toilet 

TMR motions identify restriction in trunk limiting elongation of side and ability to weight shift to advance to edge of chair to initiate pivot 
(Identified component movement what’s blocking skill rather than practicing ask itself) 
Able to then weight shift to relearn transition without frustration building on their strength step by step
· Preemie from NICU on oxygen, fussy, can’t get comfortable 
Made a “nest” using motions for child to be in womb like posture 
Breathing stabilized able to get off oxygen. 

· Post Brain Tumor Surgery 
forearm fixed in pronation 

Pelvic asymmetry causing pronation to stabilize in standing 
Emerging forearm supination with motions and facilitation Susan  

What is TMR Tots & Teens?

TMR Tots & Teens is a modified version of Total Motion Release with a focus on the achievement of functional outcomes. While the greatest excitement among parents and therapists has been in finding a tearless . . . read more

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