How TMR Touch Enhanced My Practice

" I am so thankful for TMR. I would add that for me, also with 42 years of pediatric practice, NDT certification, some training in myofascial release, etc., TMR has changed my practice and my life. It has given me a systematic approach to fixing myself (old polio, right sided LE primary weakness, now with significant ortho issues resulting from a lifetime of asymmetry, and increasing weakness due to ageing). The importance of making an attempt to equalize myself at the start of each day and throughout the day, from a mobility standpoint (even though it is impossible from a muscular standpoint) is why I am still as functional as I am and only recently have had to significantly decrease my practice. One of the most major impacts I feel it has on children, especially babies, is the concept of preparation of the body. I have always done "getting ready work" with my kids to try to modify their sensory systems, and musculoskeletal systems prior to asking them to do tasks as it makes sense that we want to make modifications on as near a normal readiness state as we can. It is here that TMR touch shines through the most for me. The concept that we are programmed as human beings to progress, reflexively and instinctively, through a developmental sequence to upright mobility is paramount. Our kids get stopped or stuck somewhere along the way due to a variety of reasons, being cramped in utero, spending too much time on their backs and in containers, not being held, carried and moved enough to help develop their sensory/vestibular systems, neurological insult, prematurity and extensive hospitalization. Once they are delayed and they grow ,and their body proportions change, that movement can be more difficult for them as the lever arms are different than when newborn. TMR touch provides a systematic way to identify and release the restrictions that block their movement...that makes some movement seem impossible to them because they can't overcome it on their own to progress along the preprogrammed path to upright and may give up......For so very many of our littles, all they need is to have that restriction released and to be shown that the movement they need is possible and they take it over and own it.......magic......  "
----------------------------------- Karen Gartner PT, PCS, C/NDT, TMRc