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Tots & Teens is a facilitated-hands on version of TMR for age birth to 99!

Beneficial for patients with limited mobility &/or body awareness. Includes: geriatric, post-op acute care, & adults with developmental delays

Your Kiddos Deserve This!

See how treating into the easier direction of motion creates miraculous results. You'll never stretch your kiddos again!

The go-to program for torticollis, cerebral palsy, ASD, &

developmental delays!

Amazing Results in 45 Minutes with a Most Complex Torticollis Case!

Thanks to Dr. Kim Lephart, PT, DPT, MBA, PCS for sharing her exciting results the week after attending Tots 2 and learning the 3-D motions!

The child has a Level 5 case of torticollis – the most complex and difficult restriction pattern to treat. She was unable to side bend to pivot in prone!

What a difference in just 2 sessions. Plus the child not only maintained range, she improved between sessions! The power of TMR Tots & Teens!

Susan Blum PT, C/TMR 

Born in Boston Massachusetts, Susan is a graduate of the University of Vermont's  PT Program and has been a PT for 47 years. She is the developer and lead instructor of the TMR Tots and Teens educational program.

Mona Patel PT, C/TMR

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Awesome Result with Young Man With Severe CP!

Immediately after TMR Tots & Teens expect to have your skills enhanced, and begin to make breakthroughs you would have never believed a child might achieve.

TMR Tots & Teens have gotten the most attention as a no tears way to treat torticollis and gait asymmetry. but was initially developed to treat syndromes and neurological issues such as hypotonia and CP.

This young man was seen for just ONE treatment session by a recent attendee after taking TMR Tots level 1! Note his improved symmetrical posture and comfort. Imagine the possibilities for your children.

Susan Blum,


Susan Blum has been a Physical Therapist for over 47 years. She is the creator and lead instructor for the TMR Tots and Teens educational programs. She was born in Boston Massachusetts and attended the University of Vermont's PT Program. In the early years she worked in a hospital, for the Visiting Nurse Association, a nursing home, and in a women's health clinic, but her interest was always to get involved with children. In 1987 she made the transition to work with children and become a school therapist and in 1998 signed on with the county's Early Intervention Team. In October of 2021 she was awarded the Pediatric Special Interest award of excellence by the PAPTA in appreciation for outstanding contributions to the pediatric physical therapy profession. Susan says "For me this has been a true gift developing the TMR Tots & Teens program".

Dr. Kristin Sanders, DPT, MPT,  C/TMR

Kristin earned her Masters degree in Physical Therapy from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has worked in a variety of pediatric settings throughout her career.  Her experiences in outpatient, both hospital-based and private practice, Early Intervention, schools, and NICU Developmental Follow-up Clinic have fueled her passion to provide excellent care in the optimal setting for each child and their family.  In 2007, Kristin became a Pediatric Certified Specialist (PCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association. She integrates many different treatment strategies and techniques into her sessions including elastic therapeutic taping and Total Motion Release. As one of the first certified TMR Tots therapists, Kristin has played a key role in development of applying Tots in treatment of young adults. Kristin works for STARs, a private pediatric therapy company in Culpeper, Virginia and is also an instructor for Summit Professional Education.

Dr, Mona Patel, DPT, PCS, C/TMR

Mona has her BS in Physiotherapy from the B J Medical Collage, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, India). She is TMR Tots Teens certified and Co Instructor for South Asian Countries, (Total Motion Release, USA). She is also certified in NDT, Aquatic Therapy, Sensory Integrations, Theratogs, Sensory Integrations, SIPT and numerous other techniques and Interventions. She has over 21 years of clinical experience and has presented at the  International Aquatic Conference and have served as teaching faculty at many webinars, workshops and conferences. She was also the recipient of the annual Significant Contribution Award at the 2023 India National Conference presented to her by the President of World Physiotherapy!

Postural changes in child with Rett syndrome before and after TMR Tots and Teens session

Pre TMR Tots

Post TMR Tots

Everything You Need To Know About TMR Tots & Teens

Why TMR Tots?

What is TMR Tots System?

Screening Test

TMR Compliments & Suports APTA CP Guidelines for

Congenital Muscular Torticollis

A Parents Perspective:

Lucien's Mother

Check Out What Clinicians Are Saying About This Program .....

"This course is the heart of the PT body, pumping vital knowledge that is improving the lives of our kiddos. This course is a MUST for the future benefit of all children requiring any therapy " . Letitia Borelli DPT

"I really like the info & I am ready & excited to use it! I learned way more treatment techniques than any other cont. ed. course I've ever taken. " Melody Kentrus PT

"This is a must attend course. Every PT & OT needs this information so they can modify their treatment plans and techniques. You will wish you took this course years ago. Don't wait!".    Mark Michalski PT

"Regarding TOTS-1 Homestudy Course - TMR provides additional tools for a therapist to use that creates easy and comfort for a child to improve their mobility. It allows for a more enjoyable treatment session and improved compliance with a HEP since everything is to the easy side !! No Tears, Just Smiles TMR is Great " Sarah Morson PT

"For TOTS-2 : I am so thankful to have some new ideas & understand better how to progress & challenge those with more subtle issues. Susan's great analogies/ visuals are easily explainable to families. " Marie Raven PT

"Yes!!!! I am so thankful for TMR. I would add that for me, also with 42 years of pediatric practice, NDT certification, some training in myofascial release, etc., TMR has changed my practice and my life. It has given me a systematic approach to fixing myself (old polio, right sided LE primary weakness, now with significant ortho issues resulting from a lifetime of asymmetry, and increasing weakness due to ageing). The importance of making an attempt to equalize myself at the start of each day and throughout the day, from a mobility standpoint (even though it is impossible from a muscular standpoint) is why I am still as functional as I am and only recently have had to significantly decrease my practice. One of the most major impacts I feel it has on children, especially babies, is the concept of preparation of the body. I have always done "getting ready work" with my kids to try to modify their sensory systems, and musculoskeletal systems prior to asking them to do tasks as it makes sense that we want to make modifications on as near a normal readiness state as we can. It is here that TMR Tots & Teens shines through the most for me. The concept that we are programmed as human beings to progress, reflexively and instinctively, through a developmental sequence to upright mobility is paramount. Our kids get stopped or stuck somewhere along the way due to a variety of reasons, being cramped in utero, spending too much time on their backs and in containers, not being held, carried and moved enough to help develop their sensory/vestibular systems, neurological insult, prematurity and extensive hospitalization. Once they are delayed and they grow, and their body proportions change, that movement can be more difficult for them as the lever arms are different than when newborn. TMR Tots & Teens provides a systematic way to identify and release the restrictions that block their movement...that makes some movement seem impossible to them because they can't overcome it on their own to progress along the preprogrammed path to upright and may give up......For so very many of our littles, all they need is to have that restriction released and to be shown that the movement they need is possible and they take it over and own it.......magic...... "Karen Gartner PT,PCS, C/NDT, C/TMR

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