Rs. 36000/-

Rs. 36000/-

Rs. 36000/-

TOTS-1 & TOTS-2 Combo
Rs. 72000/-

TOTS-2 & TOTS-3 Combo
Rs. 72000/-

TOTS All 3 - Ultra Pack (TOTS-1 & TOTS-2 & TOTS-3)
Rs. 108000/-

TOTS-1 GROUP PACKAGE (Group of 5 or more)
Rs. 33000/- per person
(** Rs. 1000 per person Discount !!)

GROUP PACKAGE (Group of 5 or more)
Rs. 66000/- per person
(**Discount of Rs. 4000/- per person)

GROUP PACKAGE (Group of 5 or more)
Rs. 99000/- per person
(**Rs. 9000/- per person Discount !!)


TMR TOTS Level-1, Level-2 & Level-3


(9 AM - 5 PM IST)

For All Your Queries : Please contact - Mona Patel

You Can Also Retake For Free The Same Course from Our Global Instructor :
Susan Blum PT, TMRcert. (Founder & Lead Instructor - TMR TOTS)

What You Are Going To Learn...



  • is an introduction to the TMR concept and the science of shortening with the course objective mastery of the most commonly used TMR motion.  Motions are presented in 1 plane which Is the foundation to mastering the concept

  • This motion Is at the level diaphragm and indirectly improves mobility throughout the body. 

  • ​The Intro Tots teaches therapists to get started with treatment Monday morning. The first 2 of the 10 grades of torticollis and postural asymmetry are presented.

  • ​Motions are presented in 1 plane which Is the foundation to mastering the concept

  • ​Access to a video links of full recorded course ; to only review course material after taking live/online course.



  • The Other 8 grades of torticollis and postural asymmetry, multi -dimensional motions, mastery of the additional. 9 Tots motions, treating in developmental positions & task analysis to discover how to use the Tots concept to identify strengths as building blocks for motor learning

  • Explore utilizing the Tots system for improving motor learning with cross transfer. 

  • ​(Prerequisite is Level 1 plus either watch preview/review videos of recorded class or retake online.)

  • ​Access to a video links of full recorded course ; to only review course material after taking live/online course.



  • It Includes demonstration & brainstorming for the most complex patients. Participants have the optional opportunity to present videos or live patient demos while experiences Tots therapists and fellow participants discuss innovative ideas and traditional therapy approaches to layer on top of the Tots foundation. 

  • Demos provide an optional opportunity to present case studies fulfilling the practical portion of TMRc certification.

  • ​The most complex patients often need advanced assessment and facilitation techniques (Level 3). Our patients deserve the get the most comprehensive treatment available to achieve their full potential.

  • ​Access to a video links of full recorded course ; to only review course material after taking live/online course.

Want To See How Our TMR TOTS Helped Patients ?

Here are some excellent treatment results for our patients

Mokshit Pre & Post Results

Mokshit Pre-Test

Mokshit Post-Test Results

Another Pre & Post Results


Post-Test Results (3 Sessions)

Glimpse Of Our TMR TOTS Workshop At Shri Maa Sarada Cerebral Palsy Rehab Centre

Your Kiddos
Deserve This!

See how treating into the easier direction of motion creates miraculous results. You'll never stretch your kiddos again! The go to program for torticollis & cerebral palsy!

With Just a Few Simple Instructions . . . Your Results will Explode!

Child with Tortisoma (lower body tort) - Progress in only 1 Visit

Podcast - Susan Blum: TMR Tots & Teens  
A Foundational Toolbox For Pediatric Physical Therapists

TMR Tots Caregiver Empowerment

TMR Tots Therapist Empowerment 

TMR TOTS Seminars vs TMR Seminars ?

Amazing Results in 45 Minutes with a Most Complex Torticollis Case!

Thanks to Dr. Kim Lephart, PT, DPT, MBA, PCS for sharing her exciting results the week after attending Tots 2 and learning the 3-D motions!

The child has a Level 5 case of torticollis –the most complex and difficult restriction pattern to treat. She was unable to side bend to pivot in prone!

What a difference in just 2 sessions. Plus the child not only maintained range, she improved between sessions! The power of TMR Tots & Teens!

Awesome Result with Young Man With Severe CP!

Immediately after TMR Tots & Teens expect to have your skills enhanced, and begin to make breakthroughs you would have never believed a child might achieve.

TMR Tots & Teens have gotten the most attention as a no tears way to treat torticollis and gait asymmetry. but was initially developed to treat syndromes and neurological issues such as hypotonia and CP.

This young man was seen for just ONE treatment session by a recent attendee after taking TMR Tots level 1! Note his improved symmetrical posture and comfort. Imagine the possibilities for your children.

Amazing Results ! Cerebral Palsy Case!

Story of hope and hard work created at Sparsh by TEAM Sparsh comprising therapist , kid and parents- one solid team sparsh... Cerebral Palsy - the primary impairment in CP which requires maximum attention- is deficit in postual control( stability) and inability to sustain vertical against gravity and that needs to be focused on...more than anything else .like tonal variations( spasticity, dystonia, low tone), tightness in long muscles of lower extremities... everything is secondary. I think it is very important for all to understand this . Good alignment makes life easy wheather u belong to body structure and function category or participation category or u r the one who really understands that they are two sides of coin which can not be achieved alone...they go hand in hand. A family came from USA, got major surgery for crouch in New Jersey, took intensive therapy their for 6 weeks and came to us after that and we all together made significant change in life of Tanish ( super intelligent kid )and his parents.


Susan Blum, PT, TMRCert.

TMR TOTS Global Instructor & Founder

Obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in1975.She is the owner of Susan Blum Paediatric Physical Therapy, a private practice specializing in treatment of children in natural environments. Susan provides PT services in the York, Pennsylvania area both in Early Intervention and private consultation. In addition to using traditional paediatric strategies, Susan employs the step-by-step TMR approach, and is able to create more effective care plans. Earlier in her 46 years career Susan had extensive experience treating adults with neurological, orthopaedic and women’s health disorders using a variety treatment technique which she has incorporated in her approach with children. She has adapted TMR for the paediatric population and has witnessed a dramatic improvement in the Functional outcomes of her patients. Her practice includes patients with a wide variety of paediatric issues including cerebral palsy, orthopaedic issues, gait asymmetries; torticollis, developmental delays and other neuro-motor disorders. All have benefited from TMR and exceeded former expectations.

Mona Patel

Mona Patel, Paediatric Physiotherapist

Certified and Co-Instructor TMR TOTS & Teens

Mona is the founder and senior clinician at Sparsh Pediatric Rehabilitation clinic. With 19 years of clinical experience, she focuses on treating children with Neuro-developmental and sensory issues. She blends approaches like TMR, NDT, Aquatic therapy with sound understanding of biomechanics as treatment method. Her certifications include NDT (NDTA, USA), SIPT (University of southern California), Halliwick-WST, Bad Razag Ring (Aquatic-swiss), General Movements Assessment, KTaping and Therapeutic Listening to name a few. She presented a paper on international Aquatic conference. She is an invited speaker and teaches focused topics in paediatric Physiotherapy through webinars, seminars, workshops and conferences.

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